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Several years ago, a group of women sat around a dining room table discussing the plight of Kallahs whose weddings were fast approaching and yet, due to a lack of funds many were still missing basic housewares. It pained them that Kallahs should have to experience such discomforts at what is supposed to be one of the most joyous times of their lives. They were determined to think of a solution.
Hashem rewarded their strong desire to help with a brainstorm: a novel plan that’s simple, beautiful, and full of Ahavas Yisroel. A comprehensive list of housewares was compiled. It included basic items like dishes, linen, pots and peelers that every Kallah would need to start a new home. They then divided the items on the list amongst themselves, with every person choosing one item that she would be willing to contribute for each Kallah. Everyone would purchase “their” items and drop them off at a designated “drop off house”. From there it would be delivered to the Kallah’s house and VOILA! The girl is “ois shtoifeered”!
It didn’t too long for word to spread and the calls from new Kallahs started coming in. They realized the only solution was to form another group of volunteers. As great as the need was, so was the desire of women and girls to be part of this special endeavor. They were happy to go out once or twice a month and buy the item that they pledged, knowing that it would be used by a Kallah in her new home.
As time passed, more groups were formed. Expanding beyond Boro Park, Williamsburg, Flatbush and Monsey, groups started in Monroe, South Fallsburg and even Canada, England and Eretz Yisroel. Each group of volunteers was assigned a coordinator to manage the group and ensure that every package would arrive on time, with all items in it. With the help of all our volunteers we are able to address the needs of hundreds of Kallahs a year around the world!

Our Goal is to ease the enormous stress that so many parents experience during a time which is meant to be a joyous one. Furthermore, we aim to ensure that these Kallahs in our community are being supplied with housewares that are of the same quality that we would buy for our own children. We go to great lengths to involve the Kallah in the buying process and her taste and choice of color and style are met wherever possible. Each family is dealt with much sensitivity and respect. We truly believe that the families we assist are the givers and we are the recipients, they are giving us the opportunity to be involved in so many Simchas!

The Process ...FROM THE FIRST PHONE CALL TO THE DELIVERED HOUSEWARES So how does a houseful of housewares end up in a Kallah’s new apartment? An initial call will come in regarding a Kallah who needs our help. Sometimes it will be the mother herself calling, while often it will be a family member or friend. In order for the Kallah to get approved as a recipient, the caller has to provide information about the family, the date and place of the wedding, and the name and phone number of a Rav who is close to the family. Next, the Rav is contacted for confirmation. This can be challenging, as many Rabbanim are very difficult to reach, and have to be called several times. Once a Kallah has been approved, she gets marked down “in the calendar”. The main coordinator works on placing each Kallah in a group. This takes focus and maneuvering as they try to place each Kallah in a group most appropriate for her. Also, as “emergency” last minute Kallahs are always coming up, many times the calendar needs to be completely revised and shifted to make room for the new Kallah, since every group commits to a maximum of two Kallahs a month. Then, the Kallah’s mother gets a call from the main coordinator. The phone call can last anywhere from two minutes to two hours! Some mothers are thrilled to be getting a package, while others are extremely hesitant. It’s her job to try to put them all at ease, and assure them that it is our Z’chus and pleasure to be part of their Simcha. During the call, she explains that in order for the Kallah to receive a package, she must first look through the list, and check off the items she would like to receive. Next she sends out the list of items to the Kallah via email, fax or mail and must ensure that she receives a completed list back from each Kallah. This can be pretty time consuming, as sometimes Kallahs are so preoccupied that the coordinator literally has to run after them to get their list of requests back!
Once this is complete she forwards it to the group coordinators who then take over. They are directly in touch with the Kallah or her mother, answering any questions they might have.The group coordinators will then call or text their volunteers to drop off “their” item. The housewares arrive at the designated drop off house, where the group coordinator puts together the package and contacts the family to schedule a delivery. She then sends out a text to her amazing volunteer drivers (or delivers it herself) and arranges for the delivery.
Sounds complicated? Really, it’s not. B”H we’ve gotten it down to a science, and with each person playing their works smoothly!
Currently we are undergoing a crisis of more demand than supply. There is no feeling worse than having to turn away a Kallah because “all our slots are taken”. Every person who joins makes a great impact. If you or anyone else you know, can participate in any way whether as a group coordinator, selecting an item to buy for a Kallah once or twice a month or making deliveries, you will be part of a Mitzvah whose reward is greater than any of us can imagine.

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