Kiryas Radin is a Mokom Torah with a Beis Medrash and a Kollel residence campus.

The Beis Medrash is open for the entire community and many of the Chavrei Kollel learn bechavrusa with Mispalelim of the Beis medrash.

This Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim Kollel has transformed the area into a vibrant and thriving Torah community.

The Otzer and Computerized Otzer Hachochma library are available for use.

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Kiryas Radin
The campus consists of a combination of apartments and townhomes for use of the Kollel Yungerliet and their families. The main Beis Medrash is onsite next door to the homes making the Yeshiva the main focus in their daily life.

This unique campus is the perfect place to build solid foundations of Torah Homes and has successfully created many Rebbeim, Rabbonim and Mechanchim, who are educating our future generations.