Services and Chesed
Adin`s Closet
A cothing drive to assist hundreds of poor children in our community with new clothing from the yomtovim .

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Rebbitzen Zaks
845 538 7100
GMACH Free Loan Fund (loans without interest) for students or other members of the community in need.
KOLLEL stipend program for young married adults continuing their Torah education
HACHNOSAS KALLAH Charity fund for poor or orphaned brides.Click on Wardrobe Shopping button below for more information.
HACHNOSAS KALLAH HOUSWARES groups. Each group consists of 60 volunteer donors who "adopt" an item on the housewares list and purchase their item once monthly. The items are then sent to a coordinator who then delivers the package to the Kallah's home. B"H multiple groups have formed in Monsey, Kiryas Yoel, Brooklyn, Montreal, Yerushalayim, and more. Click on housewares group button for more information.
Hachnosas Kallah funds are raised and used to pay for weddings and additional expenses required to set up a new home.
ADINS CLOSET- children's clothing Gemach giving new clothing to hundreds of needy children in the community.
• Medical referral and support service to help the sick and their families.
Free clothing "store": a women's clothing "outlet" that allows free "shopping" of NEW clothing for poor women and young adults.
Gmach Ezras Noshim: a free loan fund with small long term loans and no co-signers needed to assist women with emergency food expenses.
Someich Noflim -Legal assistance service helping stave off home foreclosures and other emergency legal help.
Chavrusa project- matching members of community with kollel students for Torah study.
• Siddurim and Chumashim Gemach
Bikur Cholim Ahavas Chesed - assiting the sick and their families.
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